Tuesday, July 8, 2008

7+/7 done :)

Last night I cut out the pieces, and this afternoon I sewed up 3 more pillowcases for ConKerrCancer.org --- thats 12 or 13 cases I have ready for them now, and it means I finished my "7 in 7" resolution - days early :D Admittedly these were all small projects made with stash fabric, but --- 4 pillowcases --- 3 grab bags - 4 bibs - done in 5 days - thats pretty good! And it's certainly a nice little chunk out of my stash :) Each pillowcase takes about a metre, each grab bag is almost a metre, 4 bibs is 3/4ish of a metre - thats about 7 metres of fabric used up!

Tonight's dessert - Fruity Soda Bread - blogged and recipe here - DELICIOUS!

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  1. Oh my goodness, Sandra, you have been one busy lady with so much drive and determination to have completed so many projects in so little time. They all look fabulous too!
    Of course, being close to my dinner time and starving and wanting to torture myself, I just had to make a visit to your food blog too. Everything looks so delish. I wish I had some peach cobler now! LOL Take care!


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