Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Mesh - not just for screens! ;)

I haven't been sewing much for the past week - it's been too hot, I was waiting for my kitty to get better (and I think he is, now, whew!), and I just didn't feel like it :D I did make some gift bags, and today I decided to try making a mesh tote, like the ones I've seen online. The black mesh - normally used for screens - is quite cheap even here in Canada - something like $7 for a roll that's 24" X (84? I can't remember). The colored stuff is way more expensive - a friend in Ohio just bought some and paid $9.99/yard (36" wide). It's something like $25/metre here in Canada - isn't that awful? Anyways - I wanted to try with the black first because it's very cheap, and if I didn't like using it, or if it didn't work well, the cost would have been minimal.

I quite enjoyed working with it, and had no problems. I had to be careful pressing the project because I'm pretty sure that the iron would have melted the mesh, lol. I'm going to test using a pressing cloth to see if that works. The tote came out fine, although I prefer lined bags so next time around, I'll line it. But for a first try - I'm very happy!


  1. What a great idea! The bag looks super!

    Oh, don't get me started on the cost of material and books and everything else here as compared to in the U.S. Drives me insane!

  2. If you have an embroidery machine it works well on the mesh as well. Great job!

  3. Your gift bags & bag with the little mesh window look wonderful, Sandra! You're rock! :)


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