Monday, August 4, 2008

Pear, anyone?

We're here in Ohio visiting some spicy quilty internet girlfriends - yesterday I spent the day with Patty in West Salem, Ohio ... we worked on one project (will post pics later - I didn't get any with my camera) - and then we went downstairs and each made a pear from Nancy Halvorsen's "12 Days of Christmas" book - fast, easy, fun and cute! Hers is on the left, mine on the right. I got to sew using her Singer 301 - what a fantastic machine - just fabulous to sew on.

My husband spent the day out and about with her husband - they ended up going to the Ohio State Reformatoryfor a tour, plus they did a car show and visited his brother. Thanks Charlie for taking care of my hubby, and thanks Patty for all the fun yesterday! Special hi to Lucille, who came over for a visit, and brought over her wonderful projects to show us. Another special hi to my sweet buddy Buttons - hi sweet girl!! *tickle* *tickle* :)

I'm just waiting for the girls to get here so we can go shopping, so I hope everyone has a great day - I'm sure planning on it, LOL!


  1. Those pears turned out GREAT! You are really getting use out of that book! I haven't done the pears yet but really want to ~ I think maybe you've inspired me.

  2. Love the pears! Are you going to use yours as a pincushion?

  3. The PEARS are so cute!!! You guys are having too much fun...have some more and remember the PICS!!!

  4. Those pears are great. I have some vintage spools and they would look great perched on those. Will try to make some up this week too!


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