Thursday, August 7, 2008

Not the results I was expecting!

My bag won't close! I've threaded it with ribbon according to the directions, but because of the thickness of the fabric (quilt store fabric, so it isn't thin/broadclothy stuff) it won't draw up any more! Their bag draws up just fine - I'm thinking they used thinner fabric, but I wonder if that's enough to explain the different results? Am I just a bad sewer? LOL!! I hope some of my spicy friends will try the bag too, and post their results - it's such a sweet bag, I'd really like to conquer this pattern!

A few hours later - well!! Spicy Karen tried the pattern and ended up with the same results I did, so I know it isn't just me :D I'll post at the Cotton Spice site and see what they say - if it's both Karen and I, there might be others out there too, that got the same results! Perhaps they'll have some hints and suggestions for us :)


  1. Hmm that is odd it won't close all the way. I sometimes have that same problem when I make yo yos. Its so cute though anyway!

  2. I'll try one tonite...I don't know why yours didn't close but it's still cute...

  3. Its cute :) you can put zoomer in there, he can have his head outside because of *lol* sorry... cant continue in english

    bad bad tina

  4. Hi Sandra,
    Sorry you're having a problem with this cute little bag. I used to make this bag eons ago but without the addition of the little square piece that you have on the inside bottom. The petals on my bag weren't as long as yours. Since they were much shorter, there was much less bulk at the top that needed to be cinched. I really do like the look of the long petals. I think perhaps using thinner fabrics just might do the trick. Good luck. I hope you figure it out.
    Take care.

  5. Hey Sandra, Ann (who works in the shop) has made that bag ... you could try asking her ... she's working Monday and Wednesday... just give her a call 416 633 8800

  6. Bad sewer?? I think not! The fabric just looks to thick to have that much bunched up in a small place. Looks great though, Sandra!

  7. still no pic of zoomer in the tote


    hugs from sweden

    2 years from now, I'll visit you and have a couple of great days together ;)

  8. Hi Sandra
    You are not alone with this problem. You might try making the channels for the ribbon a little wider and the fabric needs to be soft and light weight. There will be a small opening, but it should not be as large as your project shows. The friend that showed me how to make the bag had several and none came out like this. Sorry I can't be more help. Debbie

  9. I'm hoping to try this bag a little later on today. Will let you know how it comes out.

  10. I too had this problem when I tried making the bag. I was still able to use it as a gift bag but would have much preferred if it closed up tight!

  11. I found using a thinner ribbon helped some. At first I tried a wider ribbon. I don't think it is going to completely close all the way no matter what you do, but when I tied the bows (I had enough length on my ribbon to tie a bow, then tie another one), you can't see the opening anyway.

    I will use these for gift bags, so I won't have to worry about any tiny items running away. I am already envisioning these bags made in Christmas colors.

    Slow down, my heart!


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