Wednesday, August 20, 2008

I'm a basketcase :p

Inspired by the EVIL (wink wink!) Nanette over at Freda's Hive, I've whipped up a little fabric basket to test drive the tutorial I found a while ago at the Pink Penguin blog. Gotta say ... I liiiiiiiike it. Liiiiiiike it a lot, and will make more of these little cuties! Thanks for the tutorial, Miz Pink Penguin, and thanks for the inspiration, Miz Nanette!!!


  1. You are hilarious Sandra. Thank you for the mention. If you ask my kids I truly live up to that description of evil - with pride! ;-)

    I love your basket. The blue is very sweet. But be careful it is addicting. I love your idea of what to fill mine with. You've sparked a lot of fringe ideas.


  2. I have got to try one of those baskets!

  3. OK Now I really really like that and have to add it to my list of things to do next ..... which keeps growing and growing and growing!!!

    Snail Woman


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