Thursday, August 14, 2008

It still didn't work, lol

Here was my first attempt at the jewellery bag --- as you can see from the photo, it didn't quite turn out according to the pattern, lol. From all the comments and ideas sent in (thank you!), I tried it again with thinner fabric, and I sewed a wider (5/8") casing.

My second try came out better - it closed more, but it still didn't close completely. Although you can't tell from the photo, that gap is at least an inch wide - that's a pretty big gap :D The bag is so sweet - it really does look like a flower with those petals - with the right fabric, it would be a delightful little bag to present a little gifty in! And others have managed to create their bags with no problems. However, it isn't working *for me*, so I'll just pass on this pattern for the time being - it's actually stressing me out trying to figure it out, and I just don't need to add more stress to my life :)


  1. haha...I did a 2nd one too...tweaked it a little with no I am moving on from this one too...

  2. I tried this bag today too and got about the same results you did on your second attempt. I think if and when I try this again ~ Instead of 2 14" squares and 2 7" squares, I will use 1 square of each in a batik because it looks the same on both sides and just do a rolled edge stitch around them. That should make it much thinner.

  3. Ms. Sandra, I'm so sorry that you couldn't get it to turn out just right for you. I know that sometimes things don't turn out for me too(actually, quite often). A fact of life, unfortunately. I do know that your work far supercedes this bag. You have so much more to be proud of. Keep on, keeping on!


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