Friday, July 4, 2008

7 in 7 !!

Inspired by Judy @ Sew Sisters resolution to complete a project a day for 7 days (and she's made some cutie items already - check out her blog!) - I've decided to do something similar - I want to finish 7 projects in 7 days. I hadn't been at my sewing machine for about a week, so I needed a little bit of a kick in the hiney to get in gear!

For some reason now that my youngest son (18) is home from school for the summer, I haven't felt like coming down to the studio. I'm not sure why - he certainly doesn't need my attention, and in fact, spends most of the time with his girlfriend, at work, or anywhere but here at home, lol! He got called in to work today, I came down to the studio, and finished 2 projects, wooooooohooooooooooo. A grab bag from All People Quilt, and a (teenage girl, I think) pillowcase for :)

Goal status: 2/7 done :)


  1. Beautiful work! Good luck with your 7 in 7 project. I'm sure you'll ace it!

  2. great looking stuff. I donb't think I have that little slot you are speaking of or I can't find it.(that doesn't mean it isn't there but after screwing up this computer big time I stick nothing into anythin bg.LOL Now I am going to find out about supper HMMMMM

  3. Those are lovely. When I was in my twenties I had a friend who was in her nineties and she made me a bag just like that one...I think I will give it a shot! I have the perfect fabric!


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