Wednesday, September 10, 2008

NSM - Project 7 :)

Project 7 will have to remain unseen, as it's a Christmas present and it's future owner reads my blog ... I think, LOL. It's part of a "theme package" I'm working on and I can't post pics because the intended recipient will recognize that the bits and pieces are for her :D

I'm just recovering from a few days in bed with a cold, so I have a few blog posts to read. I see Aunt Jo has been busy creating, and has finished 8 NSM projects now - YAY AUNT JO!!! She's my inspiration for this National Sewing Month "get things done-a-thon" :D

My SIL likes the fabric baskets I made - even the slutted up one - so I'll be mailing those to her when I get to the post office.

And since I don't like to post entries without photos, here's my gorgeous kitty on Halloween last year --- ready to hand out candy to the kidlings :D


  1. Sorry you were under the weather... I too, love a post with pictures. Thanks ~ Cute kitty.

  2. Love the new blog design!! Hope you're feeling better...must be 'sicky' fibro is are progressing quite well!!! I have stuff cut out...but not sewn...and I'm doing an all theme thing too....even one of your addicting baskets!...yeah, I know, pics will be awhile

  3. HOpe you're feeling much better! Wow -- your blog is definitely an eye opener! I like it. Bright and cheerful -- just what we need as we head into winter.
    Love the kitty picture!

  4. I hope you are feeling better. Its hard to make things and not post them isn't it.


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