Friday, September 19, 2008

NSM 14 and 15 - Ho ho ho!

These little pretties measure 8" wide X 5" tall x 4" deep - they're lined with the green/gold fabric that the handles were made from. They're just the right size to put on the hall table to hold the incoming Christmas mail ... or some pinecones ... or candy canes ... ;)

Edited to add: I think my spicy girlfriend in Cali has a good idea for the baskets:
"Love the baskets, fill mine with CHOCOLATE please, LOL! Lazy A$$ Juju "
A smart woman she is - chocolate would be an EXCELLENT filler :)


  1. Those definitely look like Christmas to me! Pretty!!

  2. The fabrics are fabulous...and they do look Christmasy...I know what Juju's getting!


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