Sunday, April 5, 2009

Fugitive Bags :)

Hubby and both boys were working today, so I got the housework done and then went down to the studio to play. I whipped up 4 zippered bags (Heart of Mary tutorial, of course) - these range in size from 5 X 8 to 9 X 9 - all are embellished with rick rack or trim, and they're all self-lined with whatever fabric is closest to the zipper :D Aren't they cute? Oh yes - I call them Fugitive bags because while I was sewing, I was watching the ever-so-delicious Harrison Ford (along with the equally delicious Tommy Lee Jones) in The Fugitive ... mmmmmmmmmmmmmm they are DREAMY!

I was surfing around the web last night when I couldn't sleep - I came across this blog - Projects by Jane - this girl likes making bags and pouches, and likes posting tutorials for them!! I'm having a great time poking around your blog, Jane - your projects are very sweet!


  1. Wow -- you are really making some great bags lately!! I'm impressed!

  2. Hi Sandra. Thanks for poking around my blog. Now I'm gonna poke around yours!
    Jane from Projects By Jane

  3. These are so pretty. I love the use of ric rak!


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