Friday, April 3, 2009

UFO Challenge - week 2 update :D

Photo 1 - I frog'd the row I did incorrectly and redid it with the sashes, then added the sand row.

Photo 2 - I sewed together the waves, added the water, then sewed that section to the sand.

I am NEVER doing a paper pieced project this big again - what a pain in the ass! It is HUGE! Gorgeous, but huge (46" X 55", without borders!) - and I still have to add the borders! I'm going to have to figure out where on earth I can hang this thing when it's finished, lol. The only reason I'm still working on it is the UFO Challenge (with my spicy girls) - they're the ones keeping me going! Check out my partner in crime's Cabana project - it's spectacular!!


  1. I agree...this thing (as it is so affectionately named now) is PP this size again...yours looks wonderful...I bet you'll find the fabric you want for the always find the cute stuff!

  2. I have the IDEAL place to hang it... on MY wall leading out to the pool! I love it!


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