Monday, April 6, 2009

The last of the pre-packaged projects :D

I got a couple more make-up/zipper bags finished - these were the last of the projects I had bagged up to work on :) One of the bags is made with fabric to co-ordinate with a tote I made last month - isn't that a pretty set?

After I finished the last make-up bag I pulled out a baby quilt UFO - I got it sandwiched today, and got about 1/2 of the quilting done (stitch in the ditch) - it's just a small quilt - 36 X 36 (finished), but it's cute :) It's going to Malawi with a load of other baby items that a local nurse is taking with her when she goes to work in a hospital there! Malawi - can you imagine??!! I hope to get this quilt finished and if I have time, will make one more. I already have a bunch of bibs to send as well ... and I'd like to make some receiving blankets too, for the little ones :)

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