Thursday, April 30, 2009

Lots o pics :)

Tough week between health issues, visit to the naturopath, new diet regime - no dairy, no sugar, no wheat, no caffeine, no red meat ... not much left to eat except vegetables and frigging BROWN RICE! ARGH!! And don't get me started on the supplements they have me taking - eeeeeeeeuuuwwwwwww!!! 'nuff about that :D

Hubby and I got in a day trip to New York last weekend - I wasn't up to a weekend visit like we originally planned, but I did manage to visit a few Joanns stores :) I picked up some fabric and notions (pics 1-3) - gotta love the 50% off coupons :D

I did get some sewing done in between whining about my ugly new dietary restrictions - I finished another baby quilt for Malawi (36 x 36), made another cage quilt (18 X 24) and made 6 zipper bags - not bad considering how crappy my hands have been!


  1. Good luck on your new "diet." YIKES. Sending good thoughts your way. Love all the stuff you got stateside, especially the owls. Too cute. Hope you are feeling so much better very soon.

  2. I don't know how you are able to accomplish so much. I love your new fabric stash and at 50% off??? I can only dream.
    Hope you are feeling better by now. Take care, my friend.
    P.S. Mousie and me send sweet smoochies to Boomer!


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