Friday, April 24, 2009

UFO Challenge - week 5 update :)

My goal for week #5 was to sew on border #2 and to make and sew on border #3. I got those done, and have most of the last border sewn as well. I like the way the cornerstones look - I've never done them before, but I'll definitely use that technique again - it does a really nice job of separating the border strips! My goal for week #6 is to get the last border sewn on, and then start removing the paper from the blocks. That's definitely not my favorite job, as I think most paper piecers will agree, lol. BLAH!

While I was down in the studio I got some other sewing done too - I fixed 3 pairs of jeans for hubby and DS1 (they're going to $hit when they see I actually DID the mending, lol), made another zipper bag (meow!) and put together another shelter quilt. It just needs a bit of freemo quilting on it and it'll be finished - I think it measures 18" X 24" - it's backed with part of an NHL fleece blanket (from the thrift store) :D

Tomorrow - if nothing bad happens to my feet - hubby and I head to Niagara Falls (stateside) for a quilt show and some Joanns shopping - I can't wait! If I'm up to it we'll spend the night so I can do more shopping on Sunday, but if my feet are bothering me we'll come home tomorrow. My fingers are crossed for an overnighter :D


  1. I hope you are doing well enough to do some fab shopping here in the states. There is a little something from me heading your way... just saying "thanks!"

  2. Have fun! and your progress is showing!

  3. Wow Sandra! This is amazing. You are very talented!

  4. Hope your feet are feeling better. Bye the b ye what is wrong with them?? I found the most wonderful shop in North Carolina. It is called Linderellas. You should check it out online. You have been doing some wicked sewing. You really do need to get hubby to take you on a 3 day trip to a MArden's. They are in Maine, In border towns etc. I could not believe it the most expensive fabrics was 2.99


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