Wednesday, November 28, 2012

Sometimes, we just need to smile :)

8 videos that will make you feel better about everything :)

If you play it here on Blogger (or in a reader) you'll see clips from each of the 8 vids, one after the other.  But if you click on the player and watch it on Youtube, you'll see the full version of each clip (about 3 minutes each), and you can pick which clip you want to see.  I started sobbing about 2 minutes in and still haven't stopped, lol!  This is a fantastic collection of feel good videos - I even sobbed during the American national anthem because of the basketball player that came to the young girl's aid [last video]!

(Should the video not play, the youtube link is here)


  1. made me cry too, dang it. Now Teddy is trying to figure out what is wrong with me. He says "Auntie Sandra woof woof woof woof ...."
    Doggy and friend hugs,

  2. Very heartening. It's good to see nice things.


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