Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Cute lil 'phib!

Lil 'phib :)
I finished this little guy today - he's a Christmas present :D  When I sent his picture to [relative of recipient] their response was ... "Cute lil 'phib!" -- LOL!!!  Sure put a smile on MY face!

The pattern is from - they have a LOT of fun patterns there - and about a dozen fun hats, sized from baby to adult!  Pattern for Lil 'phib is here :D


  1. This is a cute one! Loved the mittens patterns on her site, too. I couldn't find the adult size although the directions had an adult pattern. Must go back and play there a while.

  2. Too cute! You are really going to be spoiling the little relatives this year... lol.

  3. Someone's going to look cute in this hat.

  4. ... very cute, and soft -- I have admired phib in person!


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