Saturday, November 3, 2012

RANT: "Sponsored posts" - GRRRR!

Rant #1:  earlier this week I unsubscribed from a crafty blog I had been following --- I'm not highly bothered by appropriately themed sponsored posts - cooking supply ads on cooking blogs, online quilt shop ads on quilty blogs, or even, blog-related giveaways provided by a sponsor.  The other day I stumbled upon a sponsored ad for TARGET. The store. On a personal craft blog. The sponsored post relayed a clothing shopping trip to the store. Power of the veto - exercised by using the unsubscribe button. 

Rant #2:  I've started unfollowing pinners who consistently repin without checking links - I'm tired of having to hunt and search for specific posts when people take the easy way out and just repin, instead of following the link to make sure it's a proper link instead of a keyword search on a blog, or the main page of a blog.  Today I came across a pin with a yummy photo of a cake - the pin read ... "Greatest cheesecake recipe in the world!". It lead to a picture on a (weird) site, with no information or clickable link to get to the recipe.  ARGHHHH!!

Now - just so you don't think I'm a total curmudgeon (yes, I think this post will ruffle a few feathers, lol) - here's some eye candy - g-nephew Shawn (2!) wearing the Oliver and S bucket hat I made him for his birthday :)  WHAT A DOLL!!!

ETA clarification:  I'm referring to blog posts where the blogger is PAID to recommend or mention products that have nothing to do with their blog - i.e. clothing shopping @ a specific store on a craft blog, car parts on a cooking blog - etc.etc. :D


  1. LOL I have adblock - I don't even see the ads! Gotta love it! I'm guilty of not checking half my pins though, yikes...shame on me. Shawn is adorable!

  2. I have to agree with you on all counts! I've been offered free items if I would write a blog post and I have declined. I realize that some people use their blog to bring in some income, but mine is just my own nonsensical ramblings and I like it that way :) Your grand nephew is a doll by the way :)

  3. Yeh I hear ya, i've been searching pinterest for certain ideas and it freaks me out when I can't find the original post. I do repin though, hoping that I can figure out for myself.
    Love that hat!!! :) He looks like a cutie patootie
    Hugs, Mickie

  4. Your grand nephew looks so cute. I don't like these kind of adverts. I'm ok with things related to sewing but that's it.

  5. yay!! go Sandra... Oh how I love a good rant. I'm totally guilty of number 2 though.

  6. Feeling better now? Nothing like a good rant! I am just starting to use Pinterest a bit and agree with the link issue. It is frustrating when you can't find the info on what looks like a good project.

  7. Love your rants. I too hate the pins that don't lead anywhere logical with one exception - I pin them if I love the picture or item pictured. In some cases I will just 'like' them. Very cute bucket hat and grandson too.
    I just thought that I also hate those pins that have a long long lot of tutorial pictures they mess up the symmetry of the board. I only pin those if they are exactly what I want.


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