Monday, November 28, 2016

OMG for November - completed :)

I've been working on a dinosaur D9P (disappearing 9 patch) quilt for OMG since I joined it last month.  This month's goal was to finish the last 2 of 9 blocks, quilt them (QAYG), and trim them down to size.  Mission ACCOMPLISHED :)  I not only got all the blocks finished and quilted, I also got them stitched together, so I now have a quilted quilt top ready  to be birthed and tied :)  I hung it on the clothesline to get a picture - it's currently 3C out there with the windchill (feels 37F) :D  It was a mite nippy to be out there in t-shirt and sandals, lol.

D9P quilt back

D9P quilt front :)
I suspect that finishing the quilt will be my OMG for next month :D  If you have a "quilt related goal" that you need a gentle kick in the butt to work on ... I suggest you try this challenge - my fabric would still be hidden in a drawer NOT being a quilt top, had I not decided to try this :D  Thanks Heidi for starting OMG, and to Patty for continuing it!  Posting my photos to the November finish link-up party here :)


  1. I love this qayg idea. I have some jelly rolls that I hope to use in the coming year. May try this idea out on them. SOMEBODY is gonna be very happy to get this little treasure!

  2. QAYG is so convenient sometimes! It looks great! Congratulations on accomplishing your goal!

  3. This is looking great. Congrats on another OMG goal met. I'm looking forward to your finish next month :)

  4. Very nice! Congrats on finishing your goal and linking up with Elm Street Quilts One Monthly Goal.

  5. It is a beauty, and it has been fun watching it grow! Congratulations!

  6. Link Party deadlines are definitely doing the trick for you Sandra! What a great finish too. I have half a QAYG sampler quilt lurking in my stash perhaps I need to sign up to those deadlines too :)

  7. Very jealous - not only no time to sew - but the machine is being serviced! thank you for keeping the work in equilibrium and sewing for two!!!!


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