Friday, December 15, 2017

Last entry for Bag It 2017 :D

In the final lap, on the final day, in almost the final hours, I have 3 more bags to contribute to Bag It for this year :)  I made these for my 3 aquafit teachers - notice I used *healthy* fabrics for the outside, but inside - Christmas cheer!  AKA Lindt chocolates, LOL.  Even fitness teachers need a treat now and then, and it IS Christmas time!  I hope they like their bags - I'll be delivering them next week if I'm well enough to get back to class.  And if I'm still sick, I'll send them in with a friend :) 

Patty!  Thank you for hostessing this fun bag-a-palooza again - I'm 1000% certain that a huge amount of work goes on behind the scenes, and between you and the fantastic sponsors, this year's event looks like a roaring success!  I've visited the blogs for quite a few of the entries, and will try to get to the ones I've missed, when the Christmas sewing is completed. Sadly I can't comment on the bags that get posted to Instagram, but I did visit as many as I could :)  Best of luck to everyone who entered - whether we win or not, we got a LOT of sewing completed - and that's a win!  

Here's an almost finished project I started this morning - I couldn't complete it because I ran out of plastic canvas to use for the shaping/structure - I'll have to get more this weekend.  This is a Card Kitty - the tutorial is here, and was written by Caroline of Sew Can She.  It turns out that this is a really simple project to put together, and I'm planning on making several sets for Christmas gifts.  Caroline this is such a great idea, and it's quite easy to put together - I think the kids will really enjoy it!  Especially since I'm buying fun decks of cards from the $ store to include with the gift :D 

Front of Card Kitty (the thing at the bottom is the other piece of velcro, which hasn't yet been installed because I need more plastic canvas).  You can 3 pockets divided in half, so there are 6 slots for cards.  The height you see is basically 1/3 of the height of the carrier - Caroline has lots of better pictures on her site, of what it looks like.  Mine is about 85% completed :)

This is the back of mine - the raw edge at the bottom, is where the last piece of plastic canvas will get inserted - then that raw edge gets tucked inside and stitched down, and the other half of the velcro gets stitched on.  Winner, winner, easy chicken dinner :)  (yes, I'm a 12 year old boy!) :D


  1. I like your fabric and filling choices. Thanks for sharing as part of Elm Street Quilts Bag It.

  2. Your bags for the instructors definitely look very "healthy" :) I'm sure they will love them!

  3. You have absolutely smashed the Bag It challenge Sandra with a fabulous array of bags to boot :)

  4. Well done on the huge number of bags! You really are a bag lady (lol- does have the same meaning as it does here?). Now off to follow the link to the card caddy! Xx Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you and yours xxx


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