Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Boxed in :D

I made this little guy today (finished to 8" long x 3" high x 4" wide) loosely based on this tutorial. I actually made 2 of them but in the first one, I didn't add the ribbon tabs - without them the bag is somewhat awkward to handle, so I changed things up when making the second bag. The original tutorial called for fabric cut 6" x 8" - I knew that would make a very small bag so I cut my fabric 8" X 10" --- the zipper is sewn along the 8" length. I cut out 1 1/4" squares to box the ends (1 1/2" squares in the first bag were too deep for my taste). Next time around I'll make the bag a little bit longer, cutting the fabric 10" x 10", and staying with the 1 1/4" box cutouts. (Posting this information to my blog gives me a way to look it up the next time I make these, LOL). I'm going to have hubby take this to work to give to a guy he works with - my husband and I are friends with the co-worker and his wife, but she doesn't read my blog so this will be a "just because" surprise :)


  1. What a great little bag! Love the fabric you used -- it's so bright and cheerful!

  2. Now that is YUMMY, reminds me of lemonade (or pink lemonade). I think your friend will love it!!

  3. Isn't that the beauty of a blog. It gives you the opportunity to see your projects in a longer view and in the eyes of others as well as coming back later to make and improve on.


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