Sunday, July 19, 2009

Brian's lilies :)

11 or 12 years ago (ish) my brother dug up some tiger lilies from his house in Smiths Falls, and planted them here in our garden. Over the years we had to move the lilies several times - once because the flower bed got removed when the front porch was replaced, and then again when we realized that they didn't like their new home at the side of the house. They apparently didn't like their new home at the back of the house either, as all we ever got were skinny spindly stems with bug-eaten leaves - no blooms for probably 8-10 years. This year hubby suggested moving them to the front yard where they would, we thought, get a LOT of sun. Apparently that was the ticket, as we they've been doing well since the little stems were transplanted. And today, Brian's lilies bloomed. They're decendants of the ones he planted, so they're still Brian's lilies. He's been gone for just over 10 years now, but his lilies are back and blooming beautifully. Cheers, Buzz! :)

And ... Happy 34th anniversary Sherry and Mark!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I hope you're going out for dinner tonight ... or something!! :D


  1. Brian's liliies are beautiful!! and I am so glad you still have them growing! They've been married 34 years???? your sis must be *older*!!!!

  2. How wonderful to have that reminder. I'm terrible with plants... but yours are beautiful!


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