Saturday, December 5, 2009

Frog quilt blocks - set 3 - and a tour :D

With Blogger I'm unable to easily place photos where I want them, and it's damn near impossible to place text WITH the photos. ARGH!
Photo 1 - chain piecing the frog blocks :)
Photo 2 - pressing station (a gift from my friend Patty Pat - aka The Quilt Whisperer :D) I also have a full sized ironing board, of course, but this table is for quick on the fly pressing!
Photo 3 - I have a TV and DVD player in my studio - today I was watching Miss Marple (Murder Ahoy - 1964!) while I pieced :D
Photo 4 - trimming the blocks down to size :)
Photo 5 - the completed third set of blocks :)

1 comment:

  1. I say your place looks grand! Sew neat and tidy compared to mine. You must feel really sick when you enter my sewing space gosh I need to THIN it out. Love it all and I will check out the crafty tut for the wallet!
    Quilt Whisperer


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