Thursday, December 3, 2009

Frog quilt under construction :D

A Christmas gift I'm working on ... the blocks are 6" unfinished (5" finished) and foundation pieced onto muslin - I have 8 different limey greens for the frogs, and the background is a luscious dark blue. Quite yummy! Fabrics were purchased at Joanns stores in Ohio, Pennsylvania and North Carolina during our trip in October :D Backing hasn't been chosen yet (hopefully I can find some frog fabric to use, or else I'll throw a frog block onto the back for fun!) but I'll likely use the background blue for the binding. Quilt will be about 45" square - perfect for the almost 2 year old intended recipient :)

Edited to add: the original pattern is located here :)


  1. I'm glad you're not 2, cos then I wouldn't even be a twinkle in mom's eye :D *spoken like a true YOUNGER sister* ;) (har har har)

  2. lovely frogs... :) my kind of colours


  3. hm!?

    I dont know why, I can see chickens instead of frogs, chickens on their way to your crocpot ;)

    the crazy swede Tina


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