Monday, September 30, 2013

A few September completions :)

Most of September has been spent working on quilts - I'll post photos tomorrow, as I actually started and finished 2 toddler quilts this month, and I'm very happy with them!

My own kids are long past the trick or treating stage, but it's fun to sew goodies for the g-nephews and g-niece :D Here are some kiddy trick or treat bags - the idea came from here, and the tutorial is here :D  These are for 3 year olds (a boy and a girl) :)

Here are 2 more bags made from the same tutorial - they're for boy and girl 18 month old twins :)

Here's my version of Peppa the pig :D  Peppa went to a 3 year old lad, along with the book set :)  I didn't accidentally put one of his ears on upside-down - nope!  It was a design decision *ahem* :D  The pattern (which is actually for the Three Little Pigs and the Big Bad Wolf) is from winterpeach on Etsy, and the book set was from bookdepository (free shipping, YAY!) :)

I made these for a new dad that works with one of my kids :)

Tomorrow I'll post pictures of the 2 Brrr! quilts I finished - I hope it's sunny so I can hang them on the clothesline for the photograph :)


  1. Cute creations! Peppa is quite popular in our house as well :-)

  2. Super busy as always, Sandra. Peppa Pig is so cute and I love his ears, one up, one down!!!

  3. I like that ear decision! Makes him look adorable.

    Free shipping is music to my ears. I recently passed up an item at the Container Store in Massachusetts only to find that it would cost me almost $10 to have it shipped when I got home. Kicking myself on that one for sure.

    Angelica will be trick or treating in my neighborhood. Must make her one of those bags.

    Bibs are sweet! I need some boy versions like yesterday for the next one due in the circle of friends and family. Must get my butt in gear! Thanks for the virtual kick.

  4. Good to have you posting again Sandra and this time with some gorgeous bags. I absolutely adore the pig. Can't wait to see your quilts.

  5. Great idea for trick or treat bags. I'm so glad we don't have that tradition over here! LOVE peppa pig, she's a real cutie.


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