Friday, November 1, 2013

Halloween = finished for another year :)

Here are the last of the Halloween finger puppets I made, and some Batgirl masks - I want to check with the moms of the girls that I gave the masks to, to check on the fit. They looked cute though, and were really easy to make! Note to self: add a layer of sew-in interfacing next time, just to give them a bit more body :)

Finger puppets  :)
Batman (Batgirl!) masks :)

Finger puppet tutorial here :)

Halloween treats  :)

Tutorials here and here

Skeleton basket with silly string :)

Another skeleton basket, and more silly string ;)


  1. Your Halloween makes are wonderful. I'm sorry I don't live in your street!

  2. oh they are so sweet! What's next, christmas finger puppets?


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