Wednesday, October 23, 2013

I'm getting the hang of these :)

Jack-o-lantern and ghosty finger puppets :)

Each set I make gets easier and easier - I didn't think my cranky hands would stand up to the fiddly work on them, but so far so good :)  Bonus - they're fun to make!  These ones got maiLLed today :)  I even bought pink felt because I want to live in a world where a little girl can have a pink ghost and/or jack-o-lantern :D


  1. They are adorable! Great job Sandra! I want to live in a pink pumpkin world too :D
    Hugs, Mick

  2. They are wonderful! I like to think you're making a world with pink ghosts :)

  3. Where were pink ghosts when I was a little girl???

  4. so cute, and who says ghosts are white anyway? I didn't realise you crazy North Americans sent Halloween cards!


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