Friday, October 18, 2013

Another toddler quilt finish - colour me happy :)

Here are a few October finishes - I've been mainly working on these toddler quilts, and haven't done much of anything else!  #6 is now underway and should be done by the end of the month - then I can concentrate on non-quilt projects :D

QAYG D9P quilt using Brrr! line - measures 47" x 47" - this is a Christmas gift :)

Quilt back :)

Trick or treat bag and Halloween book - for g-nephew Lleyton :)

Turkey finger puppets - set 2 - a gift for Lleyton (tutorial here) :)

I made this zipper pouch for my SIL to hold her camera USB sticks.  Note the camera fabric and ...

... and the camera zipper pull, lol!
We went home (Rideau Ferry and Osgoode, Ontario) for Thanksgiving last weekend to visit my family :)  I have to unload the photos from my camera, and get some photos from my SIL - we had a great visit, and even got in a quicky run to Joanns in Ogdensburg, New York :D  I picked up a couple of king sized quilt batts so my love affair with QAYG quilts will continue - for the time being, at least!  I started cutting out the squares for a froggy version - my sister gave me the fabrics last year, and now that they've aged properly, I can start chopping :D


  1. That pouch is perfect. Love how you matched the fabric with the zipper pull. We don't have trick or treat so I love seeing others trick or treat bags and the quilt is gorgeous too. BTW I'm going to be off line for some time just in case you don't hear from me. I'm changing my IP.

  2. Hej Sandra!
    Har Du quiltat kvadrater med baksidan innan Du syr ihop dom ?

  3. That little camera zipper pull is awesome!!! So many great finishes, Sandra. I can't believe how you are powering through the quilts. Love the red and green.

  4. Hi. Now I know why you have been so silent lately, you have been sewing :-)

    love your happy colours, and love love love your halloweenbag :-)

  5. Where do you find the time to get so much done? You have been a very busy girl!!! Love it!

  6. Wow! Your projects look great! It sounds like you had a lot of fun at the little town you went to. I love the back of the quilt too :)
    PS come on down for the party :) I'll let you know in 4 years :)

  7. Gorgeous makes! Your pouch is fab! I love the fabric and little camera charm :)

  8. I am so jealous! You've been a productive little worker lately. Quilt: adorable. Bag, book, and finger puppets: even more adorable. Then you have to top it off with a pouch made from the perfect fabric with the perfect zipper pull. Makes me miss my sewing room which has gotten little action lately.

  9. More gorgeous finishes! You will be completely ready for Christmas with all these pretty quilts.

    Adorable pouch - totally crushing on that zipper pull. Super cute!


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