Saturday, June 14, 2014

My peony is blooming right on time, despite the horrid winter :)

Rainy peony - June 11/14 :)
Here's my lovely peony bush earlier this week - it bloomed the very next day, and is in full bloom right now.   And here it is on June 12 last year - despite our really harsh winter this year, it bloomed at the same time as last year - much to my surprise!  I was at our oldest son's house today with him - he has several peony bushes there, and they're blooming beautifully as well.  He doesn't appreciate them as much as I do though, lol!

I've been working on my pink/orange D9P quilt this month - it's almost finished so that's taken up a lot of my time.  I did manage to complete a few small projects though, including some new-to-me designs :)

Patchwork scrap zipper bags (9.5x9.5 and 9.5x7) made with leftovers from quilts I've made over the last few years :)  Zipper pulls are polymer clay rockets.  I showed them to hubby and he said they look like penguins, lol.  So they're penguin rockets :D

Dinosaur bibs for a great-nephew :)

A new to me project - a fox zippy from this tutorial.  I added the tab because I always do - this bag doesn't need one.  Will leave it off next time.  It measures about 5" x 5" :)  This one was made with fabrics from my scrap bin - next time I'll use foxy-er colours :D

Drawstring gift bag (13x17) - using up the tail end of the pink fabric :)

HAHA I'm rather partial to this bag - it measures 10" X 17", and is lined with white.  The monster applique is from Adorable Animal Applique :)  His hair is ricrac - it's 3D!

I love how these zippies (7"w x 6.5") turned out - they're made from upcycled denim from our youngest lad's work jeans - the croc applique was inspired by this pattern (NAYY), and the shark was a picture I downloaded from somewhere online.  The zipper pulls are inexpensive charms purchased from Ebay :D
Hey Sittin' at the Dock of the Baye - no blue balls here!  ;)


  1. You know, I sense a bit of jealousy here about my blue balls. You obviously have no idea of how hard it is to deal with blue balls. They can be a real pain. I also sense that this could get out of hand, so I'll stop here.;-)

    I'm jealous about the peonies! Mine still haven't blossomed. I do have some buds, but no blossoms yet.

    Cute, cute, cute little projects you managed to squeeze out there.

  2. The foxy pouch is wonderful Sandra! You always find the best pouch patterns :)

  3. Well someone's been busy in the dungeon LOLLLL. Made me laugh when you said hubby thought they looked like penguins, that's the first thing that came to my mind when I saw them LOLL Great minds think alike. Everything looks great and love how you use up scraps to turn into beautiful creations for others to enjoy. That foxy pouch is my favourite, so cute.

  4. Oh and by the way congratulations on your blog and pouches feature !!!!!

  5. Your peony is so pretty, can't wait for it to pop! Ours are blooming too ( the pink ones, the white ones faded last week). I like that fox zippy bag, very cute. Dennis is right, the rocket does have a penguin look to it :) Have a great day! Hugs, Mickie

  6. fabulous selection of zippies Mrs Queen of the Pouches. Love that monster and the fox is fab!

  7. Love the patchwork scrap zipper bags - great combination of fabrics. And those fox zippies are so, so cute. Not that I think foxes are cute. Last night a fox raided my garden and dug up many, many plants I'd only put in a couple of days ago.

  8. Fun projects Sandra. I need that Foxy pouch! :-)

  9. All of your pouches are always so adorable! I'll have to try some of these out over the summer. My peony bloomed just before we went on vacation, so I admired it one evening and then it was done by the time I got home :(

  10. LOVE your shark pouch! I just cut up a few pairs of my husband's old work jeans to use for projects too. Have you ever had any luck salvaging zippers to reuse? While I was cutting them up for the fabric, the thought occurred to me but I wasn't sure how practical it would be. Curious to know your opinion since you seem to be quite experienced with sewing the zippered pouches :)

    I also really LOVE the fox pouch. I love the shape and the fabric! I think he's cute in non-"foxy" colors.


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