Wednesday, June 4, 2014

Owl be uploading the picture now ...

Owl also be smacking myself for the bad title pun :D

Here's a "finish up the fabrics" zippy that I finished a few days ago - the owl fabric was a long-ago Joanns purchase :)  It measure about 9.5"w x 9" :)

Notice something different about one of the owls' eyes?  I'm addicted to those evil eye beads, LOL!


  1. LOLLLLLLL Cute pouch, love the extra touch you did.

  2. Cute fabric making an ever so cute zippy. You'll be adding evil eyes to everything!

  3. what are those eyes? buttons and beads? owl have to steal or, rather, borrow that idea. that pouch is a hoot!

  4. I love all the projects you've finished lately!! I especially love the two bird zippy pouches. So cute! My mom would love something like that. I may have to track down the pattern and make her a few!!

    While doing some browsing this evening I came across this tutorial and I remembered you asking about a soft wand for a little one. Thought this was perfect!! Would make some pretty cute baby toys/rattles too. Not quite as "princess" as mine but totally adorable. Anyway, thought I would leave you the link. Hope it helps!


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