Wednesday, July 30, 2014

July compilation :D

 Brian's lilies - July 9, 2014 :)  Unfortunately some kind of critter is now eating the bulbs from underground - we keep finding fallen stems with no bulb on them!  I hope the stupid beasts quit doing that because these are special flowers that I don't want to lose! 

 This simple basket was made with scraps from my scrap bin, and was an entry into a Yahoo groups scrap challenge :)  It sits in my front hall now, holding candy for guests (and residents, I'm not going to lie, LOL) :)

 Another entry for the scrap challenge, this QAYG quilt measures 36" x 36", and is backed with pink flannel :)  You can't really see it, but each of the 9 blocks have a heart quilted in them to tack the front to the backing :)

 My final entry into the scrap challenge - a trapezoid bag (pattern from sewlover) using a block that I made for the scrap quilt (previous picture) but which I ended up not using.  The zipper pull is made from polymer clay!  I won the Scrap Bags section of the challenge with this bag :)

In my last post I mentioned that hubby and I were going to Buffalo the next day - we did, and I managed to do a little bit of shopping ;)   Here's what I bought - I tried to stick to $100 Cdn. and actually came close - I spent about $114 on crafty supplies :D

Velcro, buttons, clips, glow in the dark and regular polymer clay, a tube knitter and polystyrene pellets (for stuffing projects, to give them some heft).

Mermaid fat quarter sets from Joanns, along with some fabric to use with them.  I love this collection - so cute and girly!  A future quilt, I think :D

Some of my favourite Joanns prints - since they were on sale, I picked them up just because :) 

Remnants and fat quarters - all on sale, of course. The Mickey fabric has now been used - I made a pillowcase for a great-nephew that was visiting us from New Brunswick (hi Shawn!) :)


  1. Congrats on your win... a beautiful bag. The zipper pull really adds to the look. I'll have to investigate polymer clay. Love the scrappy quilt with its scrappy binding. I'm not normally a fan of mixed reds, oranges and pinks, but they really co-ordinate beautifully in your quilt. I'll have to change my thoughts... I'm missing out on a great colour combo.

  2. Darn!!!!!!!!!!!! Bloglovin has failed to send me notifications of your posts. I should have known you wouldn't be that quiet. The fabric basket is so cute, good way to use scraps and I love you pouch. The quilt is just amazing. That looks like a good shopping trip.

  3. I love that polymer clay zipper pull Sandra, you are just such a creative person!

  4. Sounds like voles in the garden. You might want to put some in a pot for now but that would be me and my crazy gardening. Love the basket and the mermaid fabric is fab! Your trapezoid bag is awesome, great use of fabric, also love the quilty!!! Hugs and hugs, Mickie

  5. No lilies for me they give me headache. Oh my, look at those mermaids! My girls are into mermaids recently, lol. How come we don't have Joanns here! :-)


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