Tuesday, May 12, 2015

Monday Makers #38 :)

Presenting ... pickle bag!  This is a gift for our oldest son's girlfriend - her birthday is coming up :)

Note the zipper pull charms - she's a hairdresser, so I thought these would be appropriate :D

Here are some Flickies (the official name I made up for them :D) I made for a friend's daughter - she wanted something for the kids at camp to help them focus, and asked if I could make her some tiny taggy type pillows - these are 4" square (except for the mutant one top row middle, where I discovered I was very bad at eyeballing square size, and used 6.5" squares instead of 5" squares, lol - maybe she can use it as The (Booby) Prize of the Day :D) :)

I picked up a mesh laundry bag from the $ store and added a carabiner at the top - I thought this would be a great way to carry and store the Flickies @ the camp, and they'd air out each time they're stored :)

And now, for this week's Monday Makers!  I'm going to try out this Polar Bear Floor Pillow - I picked up a 20" pillow form @ Walmart and have lots of chenille fabric in stash - it looks like a fun project! If it works out nicely it will be a Christmas gift :) (Sorry about the horrible picture - that blob of black in the front didn't look as bad in person as it does in this photo - UGHHH!  It's only a tiny part of the project, but it surely is adding a lot of ugly to the photo, lol.

Posting to Monday Makers! #38  (if I'm on time!) :)


  1. Eeep, another pillow! Looking forward to the finished polar bear!!

  2. Love the pickle bag and I'm off to follow the bear (link) :-)

  3. Love the pickle bag, and Flickies - lol, good name! Brilliant to put them in a mesh bag. Ooh that polar bear pillow looks awesome -

  4. Cute little bag! I think the pull is perfect, and you need to snap that kind of thing up when you find it.

    Julie @ Pink Doxies

  5. that gherkin fabric does make me giggle. Looking forward to seeing this polar bear, even if it does include an ugly black blob!

  6. Out from under all that dirt I've been moving to find that you have been busy in the sewing room. Pickle bag: adorable. Pickle bag with that charm: freakin' adorable! Now about flickies??? Sounds fun. Where did you get this idea (and, yes, I intend to steal it).

  7. Your sewing machine must be on fire Sandra, you are whipping out those flickies at a rate of knots :)

  8. That's a really nice pouch ! Love the zipper pull ! Oooh !
    Thanks for the link to the wonderful bear pillow ! That could be one of the next projects :-))

  9. Those Flickies are great and I love the pickle bag - the charms are perfect :)

  10. The zipper pull is so, so cute - perfect for a hairdresser and the bag looks great. Look forward to seeing the polar bear pillow!!!


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