Sunday, January 31, 2016

Lots-o-pics of lots-o-projects :D

Happily, much sewing has been accomplished in the last couple of weeks :)  I wanted to get some pictures outside but the weather wasn't very co-operative - it was either really cold, or grey and overcast, or I wasn't ready to take pics when it was the perfect weather, lol.  Basement dungeon photograph studio it is!

First up we have some simple drawstring gift bags for Christmas - the size of each was determined by the fact that I wanted to use up some Christmas prints I had hanging about ;)  These (boxed bottom) bags were all made using this tutorial, but in varying sizes.

Next up - some zipper bags based on Crafty Staci tutorials :D  I call these my not-a-hotpad zipper bags, as the original pattern was for a hotpad, but I hax0red them into zipper pouches :D  First up are my pink birdies from the Bluebird pattern :)

She published a new pattern this month for a mitten hotpad, so out came the sewing machine :D  I made it about an inch narrower than the pattern - it worked better with the zipper I was using.  This one is a new-to-me project and counts as one of my 52 in 16 (52 new bags in 2016) projects :)

I started these polar bear hand puppets several years ago - I don't even remember why I didn't complete them then, but I thought it would be nice to get them done and into the gift box :)  The tutorial is here - I used washcloths from Costco :D

This bag worked out really well so it's going in my gift box :)  I was making a Retreat Bag for a friend, using some of her fabric.  I hadn't made one in a while and I was a bit nervous about using her special fabrics, so I warmed up by making this one first, LOL.  Both of them worked out very well, so I don't know why I worried :D  And now that I'm thinking about it, I forgot to get a picture of hers - oh well!  It was gorgeous, IIDSSM ;)

This next bag also counts as one of my new 52 in 16 bags, but it didn't work out quite as well as I would like.  The tutorial is here - I bought a pair of kids jeans @ the thrift store so I could cut off the legs for this, lol.  Next time around I'll stitch the bottom seam from the inside instead of the outside - I'm also going to box the bottom to give it a nicer shape.  I couldn't get fabric paint when I was making it so the acrylic paint I used cracked a bit on the fabric - I thought I could get away with it but nope!  This is a cute project - it's a great way to upcycle worn out jeans - I even bought more jeans for - the bag is very quick and easy to make :)

Mickie!  Another 52 in 16 project - my last for the month (5 done in January - I'm impressed with myself, lol) - I'll make one minor change the next time around - I added quilt batting to this one, and it made the project thick enough that I couldn't get it pressed completely pucker-free.  You can see tiny little puckers at each side of the ears - I pressed and pressed but couldn't get rid of them.  Next time I'll just interface all the layers and I bet I'll be able to press it better :)  Tutorial here :)

I'm very pleased with these next new to me items - I got 2 sets of 3 hand puppets completed - one set is for a birthday gift in February, the other set goes into the gift box :) The pattern is Woodland Animals Felt Hand Puppets, a $ pattern from Craftsy here - I haven't made the badger yet (there are 4 critters in the pattern - fox, hedgehog, badger and raccoon) but I will eventually :)  

How's this for cute? LOL!  Reindeer stuffy - new to me, and a Christmas gift - he's a bit bigger than I would like so next time around I'm going to shrink him by 25 or 30% - I want him sized more like a beanbag than a stuffy :D   Tutorial here :)

One last project, then that's it for tonight - it's past my bedtime, lol.   This is my favourite of my finishes - it's just a simple notebook cover, but I love how it turned out :)  I'm not sure if you can see from the photo (and sorry about the different background colours - that's the problem with photographing in the basement dungeon) - the raindrops are little seed beads in different colours :)  I was out with hubby today doing running around, and I took the project with me and beaded most of it in the car!  New to me, and right into the gift box it went :)  (Here's a post from Jennifer @ Ellison Lane - she's the designer!) 

Outside - front cover :)

Inside - there are pockets (trimmed with ribbon) on each side, and a piece of elastic (on the right) holds the pages :)

Outside back - a rainbow without rain :D
WHEW!  That was a lot of photography and typing and link finding - I'm going to get this post uploaded to my favourite linky parties - both from Celtic Thistle Stitches - New to Me in 2016 and Ho Ho Ho and On We Sew - brand spanking new for 2016!


  1. I wonder if clipping the seams better on Mickey's ears would make it lie flatter. However-- i didn't notice until you said something.
    Loving your puppet gift sets. Loads of playacting possibilities.

  2. Wow, you have been busy! All are fab projects xx

  3. Thanks for sharing so many nice gifts and the links to the tutorials. Having lots of disney fans, the mickey pouch would be a good gift for me to sew. Also love the idea of turning a potholder into a pouch!

  4. Thanks for sharing so many nice gifts and the links to the tutorials. Having lots of disney fans, the mickey pouch would be a good gift for me to sew. Also love the idea of turning a potholder into a pouch!

  5. I especially love the felt puppets! Your photos show your projects really well, I think. I've given up on taking "perfect" photos and just go with hoping to remember to take a photo at all :)

  6. Wow, wow, wow. So many great projects here. in order to keep the gushing to a minimum, I'm zeroing in on the two ideas that I really must steal. Those bird zip must happen here. I just love them. Then that rainbow notebook cover--love, love love it especially the added bling.

  7. Holy moly girl, you've been crankin' them out! I adore the pink birdy zip bags. And that journal cover! And the puppets and and and....I think your pics are fine, I wouldn't have known you took them in the basement, you must have pretty good lighting!

  8. I think you are making things even quicker this year! Such a fab collection of pouches. I think the not a hot pad bird is my favourite and note book is beautiful - a real work of art :)

  9. LOVE the rainbow notebook cover. The raindrop seed beads finish it off perfectly. And you chose the perfect fabric for sky. No photo of the Retreat Bag in special fabric? I would have really liked to have seen that one finished. An extremely busy and successful month for you.

  10. Wow, you have been so busy and productive. All so lovely, but I think my favourites would have to be the Rudolf stuffy and the notebook cover, especially using the little seed beads, really gorgeous.


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