Thursday, January 14, 2016

This little zippy went adventuring ...

I dashed outside today to check the mail, and it was so sunny and bright that I thought I should get a picture of my new bag, out there in the wild :D  She couldn't decide which spot she liked best - my garage door ...

... or tucked onto my neighbour's Christmas tree (outside ready for town pick-up) :D

This was a new to me project - as I mentioned in my last blog post I'm trying to make NEW designs of bags this year - I'm aiming for 1 new bag a week (aka 52 in 16) to finally get to some of the tutorials and patterns I've been hoarding for so long :D  This tutorial is from Sew Can She, and is called a 2 Sided Zip.  The tutorial is VERY well written and photographed - I was nervous about making it because of the curved zipper but it was no problem - the bag was very easy to make.  Next time around I'll add an inch in length and in height to make it a bit bigger (and of course will use a longer zipper).   I'll definitely be making more of these - thank you to Caroline for a wonderful tute!  And this counts in as 2/52/16 ... HA!

P.S.  Sheila Perl - I can't reply to your comments as I can't find your email address - could you leave it for me in a reply (I'll delete it before publishing) or email me through my About Me link - I'm dying to check out your Pinterest boards (and your blog, too, if you have one?) - thank you!  :)


  1. I have trouble with curved zips so thank you for sharing this tutorial. It's Pinned for the future. Yours came out lovely. I like how you use novelty prints. I love novelty prints, too!

  2. I've had that one pinned for ages, so good to hear it's a great tutorial. Looking at your pics now, I think it might be a solution to storing adaptors and cords, etc when travelling.

  3. First of all, I am loving your artistic photos, well done! The bag is fantastic. Do you use a zipper that is actually curved or just use a regular one that you then have to sew on a curve??? Sounds very scary to me!!! It looks great and I love the fabric you chose :) Hugs, Mickie

  4. Hula girls and surfboards. Awesome finish.
    (sunny everyday in Oahu)

  5. Another great pouch Sandra, and well done on using a new pattern too. You are definitely getting to grips with that 52 patterns challenge :)

  6. That is a cute one! Just what we need to see right now--hula girls. Our vacation will be late this year which seemed okay until now. I could really use a vacation in a nice warm place with some hula dancers. Guess I will settle for seeing my hula dancers here;-)

  7. I'll definitely be following along as you try all of your new/different patterns :) I'm sure it will "help" me add more things to my list!

  8. That is a lovely bag - perfect on the door and the tree :)

  9. How cute, and look at you, taking pics outside!!! Better you than me....

  10. Your bag is so cute and the colours are awesome.
    Very bright and cheery. If you want some sunshine,
    I'll send some over to you. We've got heaps. lol
    Cheers, Anita.


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