Thursday, March 31, 2016

It's raining cat and dog :D

Time for a puppet show!  Here are a couple of hand puppets I finished this week - Portland Puppy and Zoomer Kitty :)  The tutorial and patterns are from Larissa @ just another day in paradise - available here :)   She didn't provide JUST a cat and a dog - NO!  She provided an entire Old MacDonald series, including a horse, a cow, a cat, a duck, a chick, a dog, a lamb, a pig, and Old MacDonald himself - lots of fun!  I'm planning on making the entire series, but for now, I just wanted a couple of critters to send out for a little gifty :)  Thank you Larissa, for sharing this awesome project!

Cat and dog hand puppets - tutorial here :)

A couple of last finishes to post for March --- a tic tac toe zipper bag, which turned out very pretty, so is now residing in my gift box :)  Note the (faux) Mother of Pearl zipper pull I added for fun - I got several of these at Joanns in Florida a couple of years ago - it isn't a flimsy little bobble - it's a nice substantial (for it's size) piece - I'm quite glad I grabbed it :) 

Last up (oddly, Blogger won't let me left justify this paragraph - odd!) - a boxy bag to use up some fabric from a long-ago Joanns purchase - I had just enough to make 2 boxy bags once I added the black/white gingham (also from Joanns) zipper edge :D  The quilting runs in the same direction as the zipper - that was a brain fart on my part, because orienting the quilting in the other direction gives the bag better shape-keeping capabilities, lol.  Hopefully I'll remember to orient properly when I make the second bag :D

Happy birthday Allie -  I hope your day is filled with fun, family and cake ;)


  1. Fab creations! I bet the puppets will be s huge success!

  2. Sweet as always. Love the additional fabric in black and white with the fun blue! I'm still entertaining here--no sewing this week!

  3. These are wonderful! Oh the puppets are so cute!! Great job Sandra!
    Hugs, Mickie

  4. An entire Old MacDonald's farm sounds just up your street Sandra!

  5. Zoomer Kitty!!!!! Awesome! Those are really darling. Really love those bags too, the addition of black and white really pops the blue!

    Sandra I got your card today, and laughed my fool head off - can't wait to show the boys, they'll appreciate it too, lol!!! Thank you dear heart, and for the b-day wishes!!

  6. Thanks for the link to the puppets. Yours look great! The tic tack toe bag with the buttons is a brilliant idea and looks fabulous with the contrasting white zipper pull.

  7. Wow Sandra, these puppets are amazing and so great for a gift !! I love the tic tac toe zipper bag. It gives a lovely accent to the pouch ! Your boxy bags are wonderful as well. I tried to make some, a couple of years ago, but they weren't really 'boxy' so since, I stopped making them.

  8. Those puppets are fab! I'm looking forward to Old MacDonald and the rest of his farm :D And I love the new bags. I didn't realise the quilting direction would affect the bag shape. Thank you for that tip :)


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