Friday, March 18, 2016

The good, the bad, and the bent :)

The bent:  when your sewing day starts like this, you know things are going to  get grim, lol.  Just kidding - this happened a few days ago and I kept the pin as a reminder to remove them before stitching over them - I don't always do that, and this is the result :D

The bad:  here's a new to me bag (#7 in my 52 in 16 evil plot) - it looks fine in the pictures, but it's not how the bag was meant to turn out.  I decided I didn't need to read the directions in full, and cut the boxes double the size they were supposed to be. The bag should be larger and flat - mine still looks OK (although - the handles don't look good with the size I ended up with) and is completely useable - it's just not what I wanted.

Here's what the straps look like - they actually look cute in this picture but they're just not right. Pay attention next time, Sandra, lol!  I link to the tutorial in the paragraph above this one - it's a free pattern from, but you do need to have a (free) membership :)  NAYY!

The good:  on to a new-to-me project that DID work out - quite well, in fact!  I've had this pinned for a long time and got to it yesterday.  It's going in my gift box :D  YAY #8 of 52 in 16 :D

The good, part deux:  here are some finger puppets I finished this month- they were free patterns.  The bumblebee and elephant were from (but they came as part of a newsletter so I don't know if they're still available) and the bunny is here :)  The bunnies are going to houses with very young kids so they didn't get pompom tails, but I have more cut out and they'll be tailed ;)

The good, part three:  one last photo before I run upstairs to get supper started - I made the rocket zippy in this photo, last month.  This month I made the drawstring bag to use as the gift wrap for the gift, which will be the rocket zippy with $$ inside, and some rocket finger puppets :D  The applique is from but it looks like the site is now private.  I must have printed the pattern before they privatized :)

Will post the mis-sized boxy and the monster zippy to New to Me for March, when it goes live :D


  1. I think you'll grow to love that bag! And I'm sure the kids will love their goodies!!!

  2. I wish my disastrous projects turned out as well as yours do Sandra :)

  3. For a mistake, that is one nice bag! All this work you've done! I'm still making shopping bags which are time-consuming dammit! Must take a break to do some of these projects. Retreat bags will probably happen next.

  4. Yikes, good thing that pin didn't break, lol! Love all those projects, you busy girl!

  5. Fab idea to add a rocket applique to the gift bag, so it matches what's inside. The monster zippy is fabulous. Lots of great finishes.

    Luckily that pin and / or the needle didn't shatter. Look after your eyes. Take the pins out! Lecture over and said in the nicest way possible.

  6. Your "New to Me projects are wonderful. I think did a great customisation of that bag pattern :)


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