Saturday, March 11, 2017

Gigi :D

You'll recall that yesterday I posted this picture as a clue to a project I was working on.  I did manage to use all the bits and pieces in the project, although, not all of the ric rac was needed :D

I posted the finished bag earlier today, and now I have a couple of close-up pictures to show off the details.  It's really just a simple drawstring bag - nothing fancy about that - but I'm very happy with the little bits and pieces I incorporated to match the bag to the contents :D  In the second picture I hope you can see, from the angle, that the ric rac tail is 3D and hangs loose from his butt - as a real tail would ;)  I'm all about the accuracy!  *wry grin*  :)  The 3rd picture shows the blue monkey scrap that I used up by sticking it on the back ... and the last picture is the bag with all 9 bibs tucked in :)

And now hubby and I are headed out for dinner - enjoy your evening (stay warm, if you're in a snow squall area!) - I'm planning on stuffing myself on souvlaki!  :)


  1. This is really adorable! I think the free swinging tail is a great idea.

  2. Love how you've added the blue scrap to the back of the bag.

  3. I think you are just so clever, and so very giving! The entire project is awesome! XO

  4. Absolutely ADORABLE - and so are all the bibs!!! I love the tail on the giraffe, what a cute touch! Stay safe - hope dinner was good!

  5. This is wonderful. That giraffe is adorable :)

  6. That is one very cheeky looking giraffe Sandra, what a lovely little bag

  7. What a fantastic idea to gift the bibs together in a bag utilising those little scraps that dont make it onto a bib. I wish I had thought of that when I made up a bunch of bibs for my godson, great work!

    1. Joy you may find the scrap-to-bag idea addicting - I did! But it's fun, and uses up stash and scraps - win/win/win :)


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