Saturday, March 11, 2017

The "big" reveal :D

Yesterday I posted a bit of a teaser - a couple of pictures of a notiony collection that was to become a "thing" instead of just "a weird collage".  I did get it done last night, and this afternoon I braved the cold (current temp with windchill = -20C :D) to grab some pictures in my back yard :)

A long time ago - more than a year, I'm sure, a sewy friend gave me some fabric left over from a project she did.  There were several (approx.) 1/2m pieces along with some scraps.  I used up pretty much every inch of the fabrics, and ended up with a lovely set to donate to the counselling center :)

And here we have ... The Jungle Collection ... featuring Gigi the Giraffe ;)

9 bibs in varying sizes, plus a drawstring bag to hold them all :)

A closer picture of the drawstring bag, and the monkey and giraffe bibs :D

The polka dot bibs :)

The giraffe bibs, providing the theme for the drawstring bag ;)

Here's a view from the back - I was staring right into the sun so I couldn't really tell what I was featuring in the camera, lol.  I didn't get the entire set in the first photo ...

So here's the last couple of items - the blue square on the back of the drawstring bag is one of the last scraps from the pieces I was given :D

The free pattern for my giraffe applique is here :)  I want to get a close-up picture of the front of the drawstring bag - I didn't really capture it while I was outside, and the pictures I took a minute ago in the kitchen were rather ... crap.  Hubby and I are going to the Fabricland "grand opening" - his idea! (haha as if) - so I'll do that when I get back - I'm sure it'll still be sunny ... hopefully it won't be squally! ;)


  1. Your bibs are adorable! I definitely need to make some. The giraffe bag is cute, too! I'll be looking for a close up photo of that, to see the details. I'm not sure I would have braved to cold to take the photos though :)

  2. These are so cute and happy! I love them and the giraffe on the bag is adorable!!! Thanks for sharing where the pattern came from. Are you getting serious snow this week too? We are expecting a big storm on Tuesday. Stay warm!

  3. I am sitting here on Waikiki Beach soaking up the sun. You should have come along! Well, you are definitely being way more productive than I am. Meeting lots of your countrymen and way more Australians than I expected. They have a shorter flight than we do as it turns out. Really need to brush up on my geography. Enjoy that dinner out and stay warm!

  4. Love your jungle collection. Happy giraffe baby items.

  5. Beautiful bibs, especially the giraffe ones. Great idea to put them all in the drawstring bag.

  6. As I am discovering with the droolworthy grandson, you can never make too many bibs! These are so colourful and fun too :)

  7. Fab bibs too! I've done some hand sewing and a *bit* of buying!!'


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