Monday, August 28, 2017

August finishes - aprons and pirates :D

Sewing in August - I did some!  My fabric stash increased this month when I visited my dear friend Mickie and her hubby Brad and her (OMG GORGEOUS) pupper Scout in Pennsylvania :)  I met her awesome friend Carol, and Mickie and Carol presented me with a box of fabrics to use as I saw fit :D  Talk about stash enhancement!  We also did some shopping, went caving (loved it, and will be doing it again in October!), went out to eat, hung out, hugged and stuff - it was great :D  This  needs to be an annual thing - we had so much fun, and hubby was quite happy to hang out with Brad - what do you think, Mickie?  :D

Here are a few of my August finishes - in no particular order, because I'm not organized enough to keep them in order, hehe.

A pirate pillowcase for a soon-to-be 7 year old :)

Aprons on a windy day - some for gifts, some for donation :)

Batman!  The tutorial for this one is here - I made Batman in size 6-8 for a soon-to-be-6 year old :)  The lining (back) fabric is the same Batman print that the pocket is made from :)  The denim is upcyced from a pair of kids jeans ($1 from the thrift store :D) - it's a LEG!  I left the seam  in (off-set) so it would be obvious that this was made from jeans :D 

This Batman apron is for the younger brother of the recipient of the black/yellow Batman apron :D  The tutorial is here ... this one is sized for about a 2-3 year old :)  Same deal as the previous apron - lining is the same as the pocket print, and the apron itself is made from a leg from a pair of kids jeans :) 

This sweet little girl apron is made from a lovely heart print given to me by Mickie & Carol (see first paragraph :D) :)  It's the same size and pattern as the denim apron directly above, from Peekaboo Pages :)

This is a booboo apron :D  I wanted to make an apron featuring an owl.  I didn't have an owl print in stash, but this fall animals fabric does have owls; unfortunately I had a brain fart and fussy cut the FOX instead of the owl, when I was making the pocket!  At that point I decided I would do Batman instead, so this apron will get donated, since it has the wrong animal guide, haha :D  Same size (6-8) and pattern (Sew Liberatedas the first apron in this compilation :D

More fabric from Mickie and Carol - perfect for an apron, I'd say!  Same Sew Liberated apron as above, in size 6-8, and into the donation box she goes :)

Right now I'm working on some superhero pencil cases for birthday gifts - there WILL be Batman.  And Wonder Woman.  And Ninja Turtles (or more Batman - I haven't decided) :D


  1. That pirate fabric is awesome! You make great use of old jeans - perfect fabric for aprons.

  2. So adorable, I had made a pile of half aprons last winter, so I can relate. Hugs.

  3. Awesome production sewing. PA has caves? (Lol) It's always fun to spend time with friends.

  4. Good times with friends, doesn't get better than that! Love all your stitching, Sandra!

  5. The aprons are sooo cute, but that pirate pillowcase has won my heart. LOVE IT!

    Glad to see you liked caving so much you will be at the again soon! You will be rappelling down to hidden wonders before we know it. Woo hoo!

  6. All those aprons are adorable and they look wonderful hanging on the line :)

  7. Such sweet aprons! I can't wait to see the superhero pencil cases, too!

  8. Caves? Gulp! Brave lady! The aprons are great! In my head I thought of them as pinnies but I'm not sure why!)


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