Saturday, September 2, 2017

Working my way through my stash of zippers ...

My zipper stash is rather extensive, and I like adding to it :)  I have a bunch 'o zips coming from Ebay so I thought I should try to make room for the new guys :D

Here's part of another one of my "theme" collections ...
there were a bunch of bits and pieces from a line
of bunny and critter fabrics ... enough for 9 bags :)

It was a nice day to hang them on the clothesline, lol!

These bags will be going to Blue Hills next week :)

TMNT Magic Pouch for a birthday boy :)
TMNT and Wonder Woman Magic Pouches for the
birthday brother and birthday sister of the
birthday boy recipient of the Magic Pouch above :D
Boxy bag for the niece of a dear friend ... niece is leaving in
a few days to go to university in Israel!  Oh my - exciting!
My friend wanted to send her niece some goodies for the plane -
lip balm, candy, pen, notepad - things like that - and asked
if I could make a pretty bag for her.  My friend
likes the result - I hope the recipient does as well!

A bag for yet another young lady headed off to university!
She likes Pokemon, LOL.  I tucked some notecards and stamps
in the bag so that she could send some surprise "miss you"
notes to her family when the mood strikes :)
If the sun keeps shining, I can get more clothesline pictures tomorrow - I have some kiddy wallets and other items ready for the counselling center, but I need to get pictures before I send them off :)


  1. You have been super busy, unlike me. All of your zippies look fabulous. The pouches for the girls going off to university are a great idea.

  2. ....but none of my stash zippers work for the project I need to make....whine

  3. Wow, Sandra! You've been a busy girl! I need to go on a bag making spree. I'd like to take at least 12 zippered pouches back down to Massachusetts with me in Nov. job well done! The girls will love their bags!

  4. Another great collection of pouches! I can see that you need a constant zipper supply :D

  5. They are wonderful! Love the one with the button in the center, neat design! That eyeglass one is too cha-cha for words! Yeh!!!

  6. You bought more zippers? Are you sure you should be *selling* some to etsy????

  7. I have a whole shoe box sized bin full of zips that I should be working my way through, too. Although I never seem to have the "right" color and seem to end up ordering more - and the place i order from on etsy, the minimum order is, you know how that goes. I love all of the pouches, but especially the wonder woman!

  8. You're a very busy woman ! Wonder woman, I guess. I like all of your pouches !


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