Thursday, October 16, 2008

Keeping the furry ones warm :)

Got some more sewing done - as you can see by picture #2, I had a helper with me the whole time, LOL. Thanks for being there for me, Zoomer!! ;)

The smaller cage quilts (top picture) are about 15" x 20" (the snowman ones) and about 12 X 15 (the striped one in front - scrap fabric from Heather!) - the larger ones on the design wall - being studied by Zoomer for their suitability for the shelter ;) - are about 26" square. They were made with extra string blocks I had from other projects - these were the most fun to make, and fortunately, I have lots more extra blocks, so I can make more like these :) The pillowcases are going in my donation box with the other cases I've made in the last few months - I'm going to see if I can get more of that fabric - it's really sweet and fun!


  1. Love the cage quilts...I MUST try January. Cute pillowcases and ...smooches to Zoomer.

  2. I just love to see Zoomer pop up on your pic :)

    nice cagequilts

    have a great day


  3. I had never heard of cage quilts. What a great idea. Love the strippy ones. What a cool way of using up scraps. I may have to steal that idea!


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