Thursday, October 23, 2008

XS doesn't stand for "extra small" ...

especially referring to MOI, lolol. However, in today's post, it stands for cross-stitch - a delightful needlecraft I haven't practiced in a great number of years. I kept coming across freebie patterns online and my interest was repiqued, so I started saving SMALL project patterns to perhaps try. Here's the first project I've completed in years - actually it's not even a project yet - it's just a finished pattern, lol. It's going to be made into a pincushion. I think. :) It measures a tad over 3" square, was stitched on 14 count Aida cloth (from Freecycle!!!) and the pattern is from Lizzie Kate :) I need to get better lighting in my family room so I can continue to do XS - my eyes would prefer 11 count but YUCK! LOL!!!

Oh - and thanks to my SIL Heather for the reminder on how to start the stitches off with a loop ... I had totally forgotten that until you mentioned it and figured it out - I hope your XS'ing is going well ... and that you'll post pics on your blog soon, LOL!!!

Me :)


  1. Very cute! Glad you finished it! Don't be looking too soon for any of mine. I haven't even dug them out of the closet yet! Still trying to figure out where the completed ones are! Hmmmmmm! I guess that comes with old age!

  2. Love FReecycle. This will make a lovely pincushion

  3. It looks lovely. I'm stitching the same design @ the moment.

    Western Australia


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