Thursday, November 20, 2008

Bigger doggy stockings :)

Two more stockings done -- I finished the two larger ones in the middle today - they measure 9" X 15". Sweet!! I also got 4 more cage quilts done :)


  1. i love these doggy stockings. There so different to what you can buy in the shops. Shame we don't have a dog.
    Joanne x

  2. Those stockings are absolutely incredible!!

    I think I might get the recipe...I mean the pattern, from you and make some myself!!

    note to self: check on my stash of duct-tape

  3. Oh, I thought those were blocks of fabrics!! (I was thinking you're starting to rival Lyd) They are beautifully finished creations - so very impressive!! :D

  4. I had to read further into your blog to find out what a cage quilt was for. You are such a caring person with such a good heart to be doing something nice for the animals (I am already aware that you do nice things for humans too). They turned out just wonderful and I really love the cat themed stockings too.


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