Monday, November 10, 2008

Keeping busy and staying out of trouble :D

I don't get into much trouble when I'm puttering away in my studio (aka the basement dungeon) - about the worst thing I do down there is to eat cookies without anybody knowing, hehe. That would explain my hips ... ;)

Here are a couple of items I've finished up in the last few days. 4 cage quilts and 2 gift bags for my niece's shelter (speaking of which - their fundraiser on Saturday raised $2000.00!!! TWO THOUSAND DOLLARS - that's incredible!) - the quilts are for the critters, and the gift bags are for their next bazaar :) The cross-stitch project was a freebie from Sue Hillis Designs - tomorrow I'll get the fabric to frame it and finish it up. Now that I'm looking at the picture, I think I'll add a couple more snowflakes (they're BEADS!) on the left side to balance it out a bit - it seems a bit right-heavy ;) This will be a Christmas gift when it's finished! Time to pick my next XS project - I'm doing very well (so far) at finishing each project I start. I'm sure that won't last forever tho, LOLOL.


  1. I love your cross stitching.. the snowman is sooooo cuuuute :)

    I'll show a pic in my blog this weekend, my new monster i almost finished. stripstringquilt

    Cinnober Rose


  2. I just checked out the Sue Hillis website and ordered a couple of pieces. Her designs are just too cute! Thanks.


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