Saturday, November 22, 2008

Sandra also XS's :D

Pattern from "Christmas SAL 2008" booklet by Helga Mandl and Barbara Ana - available at ... I paid by Paypal and got my pdf file in an hour or so --- very cute patterns! They have some really sweet patterns if you're into XS (cross-stitch) - their sites are here, if you want to have a peek:
Helga Mandl @ and
Barbara Ana @ (NAYY)

I added seed beads to the ornament to add a bit of pizazz (or - as I prefer to call it - I slutted them up, hehe) - they're not very clear in the photo, but there are beads in the snow, the snowman and the poinsettia berries :)


  1. what a sweet little cross stitch. I'll pop across to those sites to have a look. Ilove cross stitch but tend to do small ones, don't have the time or patience to do anything to large.


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