Sunday, November 30, 2008

Finished projects :)

Cage quilts, pet stockings, more cage quilts, XS ornaments and some gift bags - lots of sewing done in the last week!!


  1. You have been very busy and productive. The finished projects are wonderful! I love to xs, too, and enjoy making ornaments.

  2. My, my, I'm impressed! You've been so busy. Everything looks fabulous!

  3. Looks great! I'm sure some of that went to LAWS...I'm sure it's greatly appreciated!!

  4. Ohhhhhh...what *they* all said!!

    Ever so cute! I got a quick peek at the goodies Sandra made & sent for the animal shelter bazaar!!

    Just amazing!!!



  5. *and Barnie loved his little bed's new loon slipcover !! :D

  6. Hej! I recognize that little one on the left! It's sitting on my mantel waiting to be put on the tree. You're soooooo thoughtful! I have the tree lights yet or decorations....probably won't be finished before Friday!Have a nice Christmas! /Rae


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