Wednesday, November 5, 2008

Can't post ALL my pics ...

because some of the items are Christmas gifts and the recipient will recognize them as such :p

Here's one I finished today, tho - and it's for MOI :) The pattern is from Stitchy Kitty, and the fabric is from Laurel Burch. This little mini finished up to 8" square, and is now residing in my front hall, ready to greet anybody who drops by. Zoomer approves, as he speaks the language himself (and sometimes in a whiney manner, imagine!)



  1. Very cute! I love your new background!

  2. It's adorable!! Smudge & Lester are giving it two paws up for sure!! Guess I'd better find the pattern and make one for here!!
    I've got that very same kitty cat button. :-)

  3. That is so cute - meow spoke here. I should make that for my daughter. She'd love it.

  4. Wow Sandra, you have been busy. I just discovered your blog and you sure have a lot of information on here. I love your Kitty project.

    Fran Vidal

  5. This is sooo cute! I adore this pattern. Fabulous job!


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