Monday, November 17, 2008

Working my fingers to the bone!

In the last few days I've finished up 3 travel cases (those are the pink and pink/black items) from P3 Designs, 5 cage quilts for LAWS, and a bunch more gift bags for their next bazaar. I have to put my cross-stitch away for a couple of days until my hands clear up a bit - my psoriasis is flaring up and handwork is a bit difficult right now. That's ok tho, I have tons of other things to work on, lol.


  1. oh those are all so pretty!!! And all so very usable & ever so useful!!

    Love them all!!!


  2. Did I miss something? Is there a pattern on those cases or are they something your brilliant brain came up with? I need to know these things! They are awesome.

  3. Those cases are great! Hope your hands feel better soon!

  4. I'm with there a pattern? They are fabulous!

  5. You really have been busy, girl! Hope your hands are feeling better.


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