Saturday, February 14, 2009

Church fundraiser ...

Still having fun making totes!! This one is for a friends' church fundraiser. It's lined with the floral fabric that's on the outside and handles, and it measures 18 x 11 X 4. The pattern is the Charm Party Tote by Penny Sturges. I'm going to make a couple of little bags to go inside, with some of the scrap fabrics :)

Happy Valentines Day! Hubby and I don't really do the V-Day thing, but we're ordering Chinese food for supper - so I guess that's my present, HAHA.


  1. You are the tote queen, Sandra......It is beautiful! :)

  2. Very pretty tote! I admire your generous soul. You give so much of yourself to help others.
    Hope you had a marvelous Valentines Day with your sweetie and that your Chinese dinner was delicious.


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