Monday, February 2, 2009

Haiku 'n stuff :D

Psoriasis sucks.
Capricious, painful, PITA.
No more cane for now!

Things are looking up right now, so I'm happy, and not limping much, wooooohoooooo - and enough about THAT! :)

A late shout-out to our oldest son Nick, who turned 20 on January 29 --- I wasn't able to post about it - I wasn't even able to make his special birthday dinner! Sorry about that, shorty! Love you lots, very proud of you, happy belated birthday :) (and sorry your Patriots didn't make it to the playoffs!)

Tried some new things with Miss Husky - freemo quilting on her is a DREAM! I just taught her how to paper piece (some veggie blocks for future hotpads), and now she's learning how to make strip blocks with decorative trim (stash busting trim I received from freecycle). She does everything she's asked, and doesn't complain. Best damn $45 I've ever spent!

Happy belated birthday too, to my sister's sweetie Barnie ... he turned 112 yesterday - Happy Birthday Pickle Dog!!! Picture blatantly stolen from my sister's blog - if she wants it back, she can come to Toronto and GET it!! ;)


  1. Ahem....Barnybus's bday was actually on the auspicious 20th of January....

    Like you ( I had to say that) .. I was late in posting my pics due to technical difficulties!

  2. LOVE the little zipper bag. I'm going to have to try one myself. I enjoy reading your blog and love it when you recommend recipes too.


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