Thursday, February 12, 2009

New tote ...

More stashbusting = a new tote and matching little "wallet" :) The tote measures 15 x 13 x 3 ... and is lined with the cream fabric that the little wallet is made of. Notice the tiny little yoyo on one strap, just for tarting up purposes ;) The little wallet (4 1/4" square) is pinned to the tote for the photo shoot - I'll tuck it inside as a little surprise :) I got the idea for the wallet from the delightful Mary Grace @ Hooked on Needles - she just made a few herself - aren't they adorable? I *really* love the fabrics she used - this little project would be a good excuse for picking up a couple of really special FQ's! The pattern is available from here :) Thanks for the idea Mary Grace --- it's a very sweet little project! I can see it being used as a mini first aid kit ... or to hold some bus tickets/tokens ... for a credit card and a few dollars ... to hold a little container of pills/medication or a couple of wet wipes for those accidents that life hands us ... a little bit bigger and it would be great for carrying a couple of "feminine supplies" ... the uses are endless! Make it in denim and guys (and wimmens too!) could use it to hold condoms ;) Go ahead, ladies - make one and find a cool new use for it!


  1. Those are just too darn cute... and loved following the link which lead to another link... oh so many fun things out there! Thanks.

  2. Very cute and the sweet yo-yo is the perfect touch!


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